Wonderful 2s

Wonderful 2s 150 150 rebekahrosler

Excuse me for a moment, while I wear my heart on my sleeve, as it were.

Before I ask you to humor me – I want to acknowledge those of you who struggle every day with this journey. I know it can be isolating. Challenging. Depressing. I am sorry if my posts add any sadness to an already trying time. It’s never an intention. I wish for you what I’ve been able to experience.

This child has brought a light to our lives that we didn’t know could shine so bright. She is hilarious, kind, gracious, sweet, super smart (potty trained!!) and makes even the hardest man smile.

Bringing new babies home, I’m certain, in all circumstances is scary. You feel guilty, you question – but this child made it so easy. She loves her brother and sister with a kind of love that I never knew existed.

She makes our hearts full every morning and every night.

Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet one. This world – is impossibly better with you in it.

Outsmarted by a 2 year old

Outsmarted by a 2 year old 150 150 rebekahrosler

I’m in real trouble. I was outsmarted by a 2 year old.

Back story:

We had a holiday party with the in laws last week. All adults got all kids small gifts.

Harper’s Aunt Kimberly & Uncle Evan got her stickers as part of her gift.


I saw those stickers sitting on our mail table.

Harper pooped in the potty and she wanted a cookie. We walked by the mail table and I said, Harper – instead of a cookie I got you something even more special than a cookie. I got you STICKERS (grabbed and handed them to her)!

She looked at them. Looked at me, looked at them and said: from Evan.

Damnnnnn. Like I said. I’m. In. Trouble.

About Last Night

About Last Night 150 150 rebekahrosler

About last night…

Actually, let’s start 48 hours ago.

Generally we’re up from 11:30-12:15 and 3:00-3:45 and 5:15-6:00. Ish. We expect this. What we don’t expect is to wake up in between to a shit explosion from the dog. Poop. Diarrhea all over her pad. Awesome. Something else to deal with in the middle of the night – on top of the cat peeing on our bath mat.

In an exhausted haze in the morning we got Harper ready. Then we hear “lucky” (yucky) – she stepped in a pile of crap. Gross. So we quickly did a cleaning and costume change and got her off to school. All day I felt like the apt smelled like poop. Because it probably did.

Nathan got home and I told him I thought I smelled something. After we both got on all fours sniffing around the apartment. We found the culprit. The dog had – apparently – during her bout with an internal colon hurricane – found herself behind all the baby swings, in the corner of apt – and pooped UP the baby gate and all over the floor. Fucking gross.

Then last night. Oh last night. The usual spit up. Diaper changes. Etc. But on one special occasion I rolled over and felt like my leg and arm were wet. I hoped beyond hope that the dog had just peed on her mat and what i felt was her having just cleaned herself. That would have been the best case scenario. I knew in my gut that was not to be true. When i rolled over i felt a squish. Yup. Poop. The dog had pooped in the bed. Fucking disgusting.

So we dealt with that – in between the midnight and 3am feeds. Then, obviously the babies wouldn’t go back to sleep. At 6:45 i decided I needed to shower before Nathan left for the day and I didn’t have a chance. So I walked towards the kitchen. Squish. Fucking poop.

I yell that I’m about to get in the shower and I hear Nathan scream – Oh Goddddd. I thought someone was dying. Nope. JB had a total diaper blow out ALL OVER. All over himself. All over Nathan. Nathan says, I get to shower first.

After clean up he walks towards the bathroom. The cat had peed outside his litter box.

Now I have done laundry every morning this week – today was no different.

Go to wake Harper up. Guess who has a cold.

And to top it all off. THERE’S NO MILK FOR MY COFFEE.

I truly hope you’re all having a better week…i must go, I have two screaming babies.

Happy Hump day (what’s the earliest it’s acceptable to drink?)

I farted

I farted 150 150 rebekahrosler

Harper just walked in and said. “I farted”.

Happy rainy Sunday everyone.

Anyone with toddlers – may your cup runneth over…with bloody marys today.

Drunk octopus

Drunk octopus 150 150 rebekahrosler

Don’t let that angelic face fool you.

Tiny terrorist #1 ended up in our bed last night, moments after Baby A and a couple hours before Baby B.

This drunk octopus did not allow anyone to sleep – and I was on defense all night making sure super small baby heads didn’t get whacked.

Needless to say our new King bed cannot get here soon enough.





New Years Eve, Mom edition

New Years Eve, Mom edition 150 150 rebekahrosler

It’s NYE, Phish is back in NY- and the thing I’m most excited about today is that we already have four loads of laundry in.

The Purpose of Community

The Purpose of Community 150 150 rebekahrosler

I’ve been saying for a while now that I am SO READY to leave NYC. But will be devastated the day I have to leave Stuytown.


Today I was reminded of why.

A lot of you likely saw my “real” post last week. It was a bad day. An unflattering photo. A true reality check in the face of the social media fallacy.

So many in my network reached out to thank me for the honesty – but also to check in.

The support was wonderfully overwhelming. I wasn’t actually looking for people to pick me up – just wanted to pull the curtain back for a moment.

Then today I went to grab something from our local Concierge service. A spot many of us moms will drop items off for their fellow moms in the area to pick up.

Amanda was giving me these adorable booties for Marley because her daughter outgrew them. When I picked the bag up it felt a tad heavy for a pair of booties.

When I opened it there was a card.

And a note.

And a gift.

Words of encouragement, commiseration, empathy, kindness. And of course, caffeine.

We met through a Moms group. Don’t know each other that well. She herself is a mom of twins (x2!), full time job, handling her own life – and she stopped it all for a moment – for me.

Thank you Amanda. (I’ll PM you privately now ?) Thank you community.

Thank you Stuytown.

Happy Holidays. May we all pay it forward.

Whatever, We’re Famous

Whatever, We’re Famous 150 150 rebekahrosler

By all accounts yesterday blew.

But as it happens, the sun rises and sets. And here we are fresh and new.

I got treated to pizza and wine by some special ladies last night who took the babies and let me sit. Which was just what I needed.

Then today these two became famous and shot their first commercial!

Because who doesn’t want to schlep two 3month old babies to Brooklyn at 7am on the coldest day of the year after the worst day in a while? Not this chick.

Happy Friday friends – I thank you for your kindness. People say social media will be the death of us. I happen to think, if used wisely, it can really offer magical (healing) things.

And The First Trimester Ends

And The First Trimester Ends 150 150 rebekahrosler

Well. They made it. And we made it. And, It was actually last week (apparently).

At this point with Harper I was already headed back to work.

Beyond grateful that I get just a little more time nurturing them myself before they head off to daycare like the big kids they are.

Pregnancy for me is awful. My body just doesn’t do it well. But raising these precious beings and giving them everything I have feels so natural.

Perhaps I’m letting the apartment go. There are certainly no meals at the table at dinner time (who am I kidding, they weren’t there before either). And perhaps I’ve not been as communicative with my friends as I once was.

But this is where I need to be. Right now. I thought I’d have the TV on every day, catching up on series passed. Nope. I’ve been staring at this two, grow before my eyes each and every day.

I am humbled to (somehow) be a mother of three. Three of the best I know.

Happy 3 months (and many extra days) little ones. The joy you bring me, your dad, and possibly even more – your big sister – is beyond words.

Keep smiling, reaching and learning – just don’t grow up too fast.




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What 6 Weeks Looks Like

What 6 Weeks Looks Like 150 150 rebekahrosler

6 weeks.

6 weeks of the most intense ride of my life.

A birth. A birthday. An introduction. An anniversary. A return.

Less sleep then I’ve ever gotten. More joy too.

My body is in recovery. My mind likely, won’t ever be.

The tender moments. The exhaustion. The pure love. The frustration. The gratitude.

Yesterday was our anniversary. We attempted to celebrate with martinis, oysters and two “sleeping” babies.

Instead, left close to tears.

This is one wild ride. I absolutely, unequivocally, could not have done it without Nathan – my rock.

He goes back to work on Monday and I have zero idea how to pull this off on my own. But with every life hurdle, we do, and we look back, and somehow – we did it. Maybe not as we expect. Maybe not as we plan. But we do, and usually come out stronger.

Tonight we celebrate our anniversary, my birthday, his birthday – the fact that we made it this far, with a 5:15pm dinner reservation. Because, well, that’s just life now.

Thank you for all your love, kindness, support,

“Likes” and offers. I will be home on Monday for a few months, no help, two babies, and an open door. If you wanted to come visit – now is the time. I may just ask you to hold a baby so I can shower, it’ll likely have been a while

Happy 6 weeks babies. Thank you Little Miss Harper Paige for taking to this so much better than we could have imagined and being incredible with your babies.

And thank you Nathan. For doing so much more than your share. Cooking. Cleaning. Organizing. Feedings. Changes. Drop off. Pick up. Running the baby. Walking the dog. Getting me ice cream. Making me cookies. Always putting me first – even when I forget to do the same.

You are one in a million. Thank you thank you thank you – for the most precious life and family. You deserve a day off. ?

(A tad verbose, please excuse my lack of brevity today – I’m just so in love. ❤️)