My Services

I’m so glad you’re here. My own path to parenthood not only taught me about navigating the fertility space, loss and motherhood, but it also inspired me to be a resource and support to others. My vision and mission is to provide one-on-one support to women on their own personal journey.

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How Can We Work Together?

No matter where you are in your journey, I can be a great support and resource for you. If you are just starting out on your journey, if you are struggling to get or stay pregnant, if you have suffered any sort of loss, if you are a new mom and can’t quite bond with baby, or are having feelings you don’t recognize, or if you simply are a new(ish) mom struggling to reclaim your identity or find yourself again – I am here to help you navigate all the changes and what comes next.

One-On-One Sessions

Remote Sessions

Virtual one-on-one support offered. Though I prefer, for this particular type of work to be in person, I completely understand the world we live in now, and the schedules we keep. If you would prefer virtual sessions, because they work best for you, we can schedule weekly remote sessions. Rates are $200 an hour* Sessions are held by weekly appointment only.

*sliding scale available in certain circumstances.

In Person Sessions

One-on-one support offered in my office space. I do not accept insurance but you are welcome to bill yours if you choose. My NPI is 1255977724. Rates are $200 an hour* Sessions are held by weekly appointment only.

*sliding scale available in certain circumstances, inquire if this is a need you have.

Sessions in Your Home

I also offer one-on-one support in your home. Sometimes leaving the house feels like an insurmountable goal. I believe access to therapy is imperative and if I can meet you where you are, physically, emotionally, mentally, I am happy to do this. Sessions are held by weekly appointment only, and can be changed to in office with a week’s notice. Rates are $225 an hour. Sessions are held by weekly appointment only.

To make an appointment

To make an appointment, inquire about a consult, or to ask any questions you may have, please email or call –  I am only accepting a few new clients as of October 2022. 917-434-9019, [email protected]