Over the last several years I have had the privilege of helping many
women navigate motherhood in some way.

I’m so very grateful Rebekah came into my life when she did. A mutual friend connected the two of us from across the country, and I was welcomed into her “Warrior” support group with open arms. My only wish is I had discovered her sooner! Looking back I recognize I met her at the exact time I needed to. Both of us had our embryo transfers around the same day. What a gift to be supported by a group of the most caring women I had “never met.” The connection I felt was truly one that I cherish to this day. When you’re in the middle of fertility challenges it is essential to have supports and a tribe of women who “get it.” Rebekah provided a sisterhood that was exactly what I needed at one of the most trying and emotional times of my life. It’s supports like these that will help carry you through. Cheering on my fellow warrior sisters.

Lisa, CO - Mother to Olivia and Creator of IVF Manifesting A Miracle

Rebekah has helped me enormously on my infertility and pregnancy journeys.  She’s driven to help, even taking the time to offer me support in the days after her own twins were born. She would be an asset to any family dealing with infertility and its aftermath.

Eve, NJ

Rebekah, I honestly can’t thank you enough for creating the spaces you did for those of us struggling to conceive…the support I found was endless, positive and uplifting…I never could have made it through without your support.

Rebecca, NY - College Counselor

I met Rebekah Rosler through the support group she created for people dealing with infertility. As someone who was beginning infertility treatments, I lacked time for an in-person support group but had a million questions and felt very alone in the process so as soon as I discovered Rebekah’s group I immediately joined. I was pleasantly shocked at how informative and well run the group was compared to other support groups I’ve been in, and how much of a point Rebekah made in making everyone feel welcome. Rebekah made a point to comment on all posts herself that weren’t getting responses from others in the group. She would always connect people to the people and resources who would be able to help answer their question. I am so grateful to Rebekah for giving me the push I needed. She made a scary process not scary at all and I am so grateful for that. I think I would have been floundering for awhile if I had not found Rebekah and probably would not be pregnant today!

Sara, CA - CEO & Co-founder of Winnie

Thank you, Rebekah. For everything you did for me. You were there for me during the darkest days. You provided support and community throughout my entire journey. What would I have done without your knowledge, resources and expertise!? Leo and I both thank you. Forever and ever.

Andrea - Mother to Leo

I’m not a big social media user, but it was immediately clear that Rebekah’s group operates much more like a family than simply a Facebook group. It’s a safe space with people that understand – and that tone comes from Rebekah. She’s an active presence and participant in the group, and she shares from her soul so that we all can too.

Maureen, NY

Prior to joining Rebekah’s infertility group, I had no comfortable outlet for discussing our infertility issues.  It wasn’t until I joined her community that I realized just how isolating the journey had been and how much I needed to connect with other women to share experiences and information and to give and receive the extra support needed during a difficult time.  Rebekah goes above and beyond to facilitate a warm, safe environment and takes the time to communicate with members individually, be proactive in making sure needs are met and, most importantly, to offer her friendship which – at the end of the day – is what we all need most.

Alison, NY

In January of 2017, after trying to conceive a little over a year and suffering a pregnancy loss in between, I was told the words “the chances of you becoming pregnant are very, very slim.” IVF with my own eggs was not even an option. I was told I could try naturally but time was of the essence. I had “days not months.” I was heartbroken to say the least and had some close friends and family to confide in but no one that truly “got it.” That is until I connected with Rebekah Rosler online. She was immediately warm and genuine. She gave me some great advice and connected me with other women who were going through similar challenges. I have witnessed her give support and guidance to others. I’m overjoyed to say I’m 35 weeks pregnant and she has continued to be supportive throughout my pregnancy as well. She is a very special person who is selfless and only wants to help others. I’m so fortunate to have found her during my darkest days.

Ricki, NJ