I Will Be Along Side You.

Navigating Your Path To Motherhood. From Your First Steps, Through Baby’s First Steps.

 Having learned from my own personal experience with infertility and motherhood struggles, I will guide you as you are family planning, undergoing fertility treatments, pregnant, or adjusting to being a new(ish) parent. As a partner with you on this journey, I can help you navigate the informational, logistical, and emotional realities at each step, offering kindness, strength, and expertise.

Unique to the fertility and motherhood space, I bridge the gaps of support you may need wherever you are on your journey. 


Expectant Motherhood

The Fourth Trimester

Early Motherhood 

The path to motherhood can feel isolating and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to. You are not alone. Through every stage of your journey, I will be there to share your challenges and celebrate your successes — from your first steps through baby’s first steps.

Rebekah Rosler

LCSW, Doula


Journey to Motherhood

To learn more about my services, let’s talk. I offer a 15-minute, no-obligation phone consultation to determine how I can help you navigate your motherhood journey.