What 6 Weeks Looks Like

What 6 Weeks Looks Like

What 6 Weeks Looks Like 150 150 rebekahrosler

6 weeks.

6 weeks of the most intense ride of my life.

A birth. A birthday. An introduction. An anniversary. A return.

Less sleep then I’ve ever gotten. More joy too.

My body is in recovery. My mind likely, won’t ever be.

The tender moments. The exhaustion. The pure love. The frustration. The gratitude.

Yesterday was our anniversary. We attempted to celebrate with martinis, oysters and two “sleeping” babies.

Instead, left close to tears.

This is one wild ride. I absolutely, unequivocally, could not have done it without Nathan – my rock.

He goes back to work on Monday and I have zero idea how to pull this off on my own. But with every life hurdle, we do, and we look back, and somehow – we did it. Maybe not as we expect. Maybe not as we plan. But we do, and usually come out stronger.

Tonight we celebrate our anniversary, my birthday, his birthday – the fact that we made it this far, with a 5:15pm dinner reservation. Because, well, that’s just life now.

Thank you for all your love, kindness, support,

“Likes” and offers. I will be home on Monday for a few months, no help, two babies, and an open door. If you wanted to come visit – now is the time. I may just ask you to hold a baby so I can shower, it’ll likely have been a while

Happy 6 weeks babies. Thank you Little Miss Harper Paige for taking to this so much better than we could have imagined and being incredible with your babies.

And thank you Nathan. For doing so much more than your share. Cooking. Cleaning. Organizing. Feedings. Changes. Drop off. Pick up. Running the baby. Walking the dog. Getting me ice cream. Making me cookies. Always putting me first – even when I forget to do the same.

You are one in a million. Thank you thank you thank you – for the most precious life and family. You deserve a day off. ?

(A tad verbose, please excuse my lack of brevity today – I’m just so in love. ❤️)