You made me a Mom

You made me a Mom

You made me a Mom 150 150 rebekahrosler

2 years ago I became a mom.

A role that hadn’t crossed my mind until I met Nathan.

From that moment on, absolutely everything shifted. Priories. Ideals. Life. Love.

Since then a lot has changed.

Body. Mind. Soul…Bank account.

It’s not easy.

I’m thankful for my village. My family. My friends.

I’m blessed with new friends from this part of my life. Friends I share a different piece of me with, than any other kind of friendship.

The things I care about now are different. I feel more passion now than I have before.

I love this life and everything it comes with.

I’m grateful for a husband who shares all the responsibilities – if not(significantly)more.

The late nights. The early mornings. The dishes. The messes. The tiffs. The diapers. The extra weight. All taken in stride.

It’s all worth it for this kind of Love.

I just wish I could win the lottery to pay for all these damn kids.