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I missed the 4 month mark by a long shot.

But bear with me here.

A year ago today, the day started like any other. I suppose it ended like any other as well.

It’s what happened in the midst of the norm that changed everything.

That day we took a risk, followed a dream and attempted to complete our family.

I don’t believe much in “fate” or “its meant to be”.

I do, however, believe in science and calculated action.

Anything could have happened that day to change our course of events. We could have been dead tired from the march the day before. We could have missed our train, I could have (still) been sick, Nathan could have stayed home. The doctor who did the procedure could have been on his C game, or A game for that matter. The embryos could have thawed differently. Or a billion other tiny events could have occurred.

All that said, what happened is what happened. And one year later here we are.

Maybe a little more ragged, definitely a little poorer, absolutely more sleep deprived – but so much richer in love and life than we were on January 22nd 2017 (and I thought it was all perfect then!)

It’s funny how life works. You see or expect it heading in one direction – and then something happens and that all disintegrates into thin air.

Ten years ago (hell, five years ago) I would have said kids weren’t my thing. And maybe they still aren’t. But my kids, though. My THREE kids. Are my world. I have a partner who I can lean on and rely on for anything. (He wraps my towel around the heat source in the morning so when i get out of the shower I have a warm bathrobe to step into. Who does that??)

So perhaps I missed their 4 month shoot over a week ago. And perhaps I couldn’t tell you the last time I was outside or washed my face. But I am so lucky in love, beyond words, beyond measure.

Happy transfer day little guys. And happy four months, a week + overdue.