PSA for Moms who had 2017 babies

PSA for Moms who had 2017 babies

PSA for Moms who had 2017 babies 150 150 rebekahrosler

PSA: for parents who had babies last year.

NY passed Paid Family Leave for 2018. This applies to anyone who had a baby (in any way – birth/adoption/surrogacy) in 2017.

Not enough people/companies/HR are aware. You are entitled to 8w leave – Paid at 50% by the state.

What your company policy is – is separate and aside from this (specifically for parents who had babies in 2017) and should have no bearing on these 8w.

Talk to your HR – you are your (only?) strongest advocate – and don’t see this as taking advantage (dads!!) we should all have more time at home with our infants.

What does that mean for babies born in 2017?

Since the entitlement period stretches over the course a whole year from your baby’s date of birth, this includes babies born in 2017. The amount of paid time off you can take next year, is determined as follows:

If the baby was born more than 8 weeks into 2017, you can qualify for the maximum benefit duration.

If the baby was born earlier than that, January 17, for example, you could take paid family leave between January 1 and 16 next year.

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