Frequently Asked Questions

I work with women in all different phases of their motherhood journey — from those who are just learning about their particular fertility challenges, exploring their options, and undergoing the treatment process, to women recovering from loss and finding their way forward. In addition, I have coached and supported women from their early days of pregnancy, through giving birth and the postpartum stage, and into their early months and years of parenting. 

I look forward to supporting you throughout your own personal journey. 

I graduated from New York University with a Masters in Social Work in 2004, obtained my license soon after, and have been working in the support space ever since. After experiencing fertility issues, two pregnancies (a singleton and a twin), and labor, delivery, and postpartum struggles, I became acutely aware of the physical and emotional challenges that women face before, during and after childbirth; so I trained as a birth and postpartum doula in 2018 through Doula Trainings International (DTI). Along with managing numerous Facebook support groups, I also run in-person fertility support groups throughout New York City. I’ve helped, counseled, supported, coached, and guided thousands of women from around the world on their path to motherhood.

Navigating the fertility process and early motherhood can be overwhelming. I’m here to offer insights, information, strategies, and resources, along with emotional support.

My areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • Fertility: As the founder and administrator of the “Warriors” groups, I have been supporting women in the fertility space for over four years. With a breadth of knowledge of fertility clinics and reproductive medicine centers, egg freezing, IUI, IVF, egg donation, sperm donation, insurance-related topics, the questions you don’t know to ask, and so much more, I can help you make sense of this overwhelming process, whether you are just starting or feel like you have “been through it all.”
  • Expectant Motherhood: Trained as a birth and postpartum doula and having experienced two recent pregnancies myself, a singleton and twin, I’ve been there. I can help you whether your pregnancy is considered typical, high-risk, or somewhere in between. We can work together on a birth plan, as well as your plans to breastfeed, pump, and/or formula-feed, and how to manage expectations as many things are often out of our control. I can also help you make decisions about whether hiring a baby nurse, postpartum doula, and/or lactation consultant is right for you, based on what would best suit your life, your personality, and your family needs. 
  • The Fourth Trimester (the first three months after giving birth): I understand the challenges of the first few months: the anxiety, the self-doubt, the sleep deprivation, the successes and challenges of nursing/pumping/bottles/formula feeding, and the unexpected dilemmas of when and what do I eat? Who do I talk to? When and how do I leave the house? How can I maintain healthy relationships with my partner and other people in my life? I can help navigate your new role as mom and how reality has matched up with your expectations. My goal is to help you feel strong, empowered, understood, and more knowledgeable. If you suspect that you are experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, or OCD, and are reluctant to address these concerns with others, I want to be the person to help you get the answers and the care you deserve without shame or judgment.
  • Early Motherhood: Yes; Bexhasbabies! As a mother of three, creator of over 30 fertility/mom-related groups, and co-founder of Moms MeetUps, I know the importance of connecting with other moms and figuring out the kind of mother and woman you want to be. I understand the challenges that can come during the first few years (and have reflected on many of these in my blog: the endless self-questioning, different types of struggles (weaning from breastfeeding, introducing solids to your baby, food allergies, sleep training/regressions, potty training, you-name-it), accepting the new you-new body-new roles, intimacy with your partner, diet and self-care, staying non-reactive when people/strangers/kids are pressing our buttons, balancing work-kids-friends-partner, and all that comes in between. 
  • Cheerleader: And maybe most importantly reminding you that what you’re doing is absolutely good enough. Social media often makes us feel inadequate. We tend to compare ourselves to other people and the lives they lead. I’m here to be your cheerleader and constant reminder that this journey is far from easy. We all do the best we can with the cards we’re dealt. I’ll be a compassionate listener, put into words the questions you didn’t even know you had, and connect you to resources to help you on your journey to and through motherhood

Of course! As this was my personal path to motherhood, I’m uniquely attuned to the needs of women in the midst of fertility struggles. Above all, I am passionate about helping and empowering women, regardless of circumstance, and welcome the opportunity to work with  anyone seeking support through conceiving, pregnancy, and motherhood.

I am currently accepting postpartum clients (location dependent) with a 4 hour minimum. 

I am also accepting fertility clients (attendance at appointments, retrieval pick ups, injection support and guidance, etc.). 

Unfortunately I am not accepting birth clients at this time. If you are interested in those services, please ask about my availability when your time comes.

Please email [email protected] for further description of services and rates.